Study of human and other primate brains finds extended synapticdevelopment may explain our cognitiv

Over the first few years of life, human cognition continues todevelop, soaking up information and experiences from theenvironment and far surpassing the abilities of even our nearestprimate relatives. In a study published online in Genome Research , researchers have identified extended synaptic development in thehuman brain relative to other primates, a finding that sheds newlight […]

New Amusement Park With Monkey King-themed Elements Opens In East China City

Fantawild Dream Kingdom, a theme park in Wuhu City in east China’s Anhui Province featuring amusement facilities with Chinese elements like the legendary Monkey King, opened on a trial basis Wednesday. The theme park comes after Fantawild Adventure Theme Park opened three years ago in Wuhu. Shenzhen-based Huaqiang Group Co. developed both theme parks. A […]